28 year old shoots and kills mom because of video game headset

Matthew Nicholson, 28, got in a fight with his mother Lydia Nicholson, 68, and shot her in the head, police said.

A 28 year old man was arrested for fatally shooting and killing his 68-year-old mother. He had initially threatened to kill both his parents over his video game headset he had mistakenly broken.

Matthew Nicholson, 28, was playing video games in the bedroom of his home in California on Wednesday night when an argument broke out with his mother Lydia Nicholson.

The 28-year-old started yelling while he was playing video games in his bedroom on Wednesday night, police said.

When the mother went to check on him, Matthew Nicholson argued with her and broke his own headset.

He then blamed his mom and threatened to kill both his parents before he grabbed a handgun in the home, the police said.

He shot his mother in the head before his 81-year-old father Loren Nicholson wrestled the gun out of his hands, according to police.


A family friend said that he would also killed his father if not that his gun got jammed. His father then used the opportunity to take the gun from him and emptied it.


What a life!!!


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