50-yr-old arrested for having sex with 7 underage boys in Niger State

A gay divorcee paedophile identified as Abdullahi Haruna, from Nasko, Niger State, has

According to Punch, Haruna was said to have had regular anal sexual intercourse with the teenagers for a long time until he was apprehended.

He was alleged to have hypnotised his victims so that he could have his way with them.

The suspected culprit, who is being held in the police custody, said, “I have been into this act for over three years and I cannot explain why am still doing it, but one thing was certain, I know that the police would apprehend me one day.”

Haruna who divorced his wife sometime ago and took to defiling young boys in Getagi village. When asked what led him to the act, Haruna said, “I cannot state exactly why I was engaging in the act.

I remember that I became involved in it since I divorced my wife. I usually give them (victims) little gift items and some herbs with which to take their bath before the intercourse so that they would not reject my advances. May God forgive me.”

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