Earlier this year an 8-year-old Ohio boy committed suicide, and investigators have decided to reopen the case after watching a disturbing video from the boys school. Surveillance video showed the boy being knocked to the floor unconscious by another student— an incident that happened two days before he killed himself.
According to NBC News, Gabriel Taye’s motionless body had been lying on the floor for a couple of minutes, during that time he had been stepped over, kicked and poked by other students.
An adult eventually came to attend to Gabriel, and after he regained consciousness he told them he fainted. Two days after the attack, Gabriel hung himself with a necktie in his room.
What’s interesting about this is that the school didn’t initially mention the incident to Gabriel’s mom, Cornelia Reynolds. 
“Mom got a call from the school. She was told her son had fainted, he’s in the nurse’s office. His vitals are fine, he’s fine and she decided to come to the school to get him to make sure he was okay and she took him home,” Branch said. “Later that night he was nauseous and had fainted and thrown up a couple of times and she took him to the hospital.”
Reynolds learned about the video months after the attack.
“If Gabe’s mom had known that her son was going to school every day and experiencing, and witnessing, and being involved in these violent, very unsettling events, she wouldn’t have continued to send him there,” Branch said.

The school doesn’t think it’s their fault because Gabriel didn’t come to them and tell them what really happened to him.
“When checking on Gabriel, the school staff members asked him what happened. He responded that he ‘fell,'” the district said in its statement Friday. “He later said that he ‘fainted.’ At no point did Gabriel indicate that he had–

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