Children, no matter how “naughty” you perceive them to be, are still the most lovely people to have around. 

Yes, they will make you scream and shout sometimes but it is important to note that children grow up imitating what their parents do. During this process, they absorb by observing and asking many questions and such questions should be answered with care. 

Here are useful tips for effectively answering your child’ s questions

  •  A child doesn’t need to know more than what (s)he asked about,  give simple answers 
  • Don’t deceive them. If you don’t know the answer to the question, simply admit it to the child, but make an actual effort to learn the answer together.
  • Never talk to them in condescending tones like a teacher. Don’t ever mock them; treat their inquiries seriously.   Image result for pic of black kids and teacher Image result for ponder clipart 
  • Ponder the motivation for their question. Sometimes your child’s question might be a sub-conscious request for help, or due to a hidden fear. Try to make sense out of whatever your child is really asking.

These may seem simple but they go a long way to mold the mind of that child.


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