Hi Chee

My name is Nna*****. Here is my story.

I met a lady at a shopping mall in Lagos in the month of March when I went there on official assignment. We got talking and we exchanged numbers. She told me that she

stays in Lagos and I believed because I had no real reason to doubt. We went out on two different occasions before I left Lagos.

I left Lagos back to Abuja and we’ve been talking everyday since then. I eventually asked her out since I was very attracted to her and it seemed that she liked me also though she is yet to give me a definite answer. I started making arrangements for her to come to Abuja to see me. We had planned seeing by the middle of this month.

But then I saw her in Abuja three days ago but she did not see me. I was slightly upset about the fact that she came in and did not call me. So out of that annoyance, I decided not to call her.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I later changed my mind and called her to get an explanation or something but to my uttermost surprise, she told me that she is in Lagos.

I feel so hurt right now because I detest lies. I am also discouraged about going on with my intentions to make her my woman because I feel that if she can lie to me, she can do many other things.

Do you think I am over reacting?

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  1. Bursted.
    Btw, she might not be the person you saw bro, we have lookalike all over the world I bet you have one too. Do not jump into conclusion yet.
    Put a call across, tell her you saw her in Abuja, mention the exact location confidently. Read her reaction before drawing the curtain.

  2. Confront her with details of when and where you saw her (if you are very sure she is the person), and if she continue to deny or lie, BAIL YOURSELF.

  3. You are over reacting. You should have called when you sighted her. Its possible she aint the one

  4. Could it be a coincidence no but God made it possible for you perhaps you merited it or just mere grace which ever way Bros flee from the Devil.

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