Domestic violence is now trending. It has taken an upward leap in the last half of a decade. A friend once argued that domestic violence hit an all-time high in the last two years because of the upsurge in the feminist theories and position.

The story below was shared with me by a friend and I thought it fit to let the world know, with her permission though but her name is not published.

I was amazed when she asked me what domestic violence is.

“Nonny, please I need your advice and help on this matter. I have just recently married my hubby, we never dated because my mother and his mother are friends and they match made us( even before I was born). This guy is 10 years older than I am, I am just 22 this while he is 32. I am still trying to enter the university but I already have a baby boy for him. Part of the reasons why I married him was because he promised to send me to school but ever since I married him, if I bring up the subject, he would shut me up with a slap. He doesn’t beat me with belt or anything o, he only always slaps me and when he does that, I keep quiet. The thing now is that, any little thing now he slaps me, I asked him for money for recharge card yesterday and he slapped me that who am I talking to that I am buying recharge card. Again, our baby was crying in the night and I was trying to feed him. Before I could get up to carry the baby, he slapped my face and told me that I was a waste. That I was waiting for him to shut the baby up abi. I am tired of all this to be honest. I told my mother and she said a wife has to be submissive to her husband that shebi it is just slap he is slapping me that as long as he has not brought in another woman that I should endure that my father did worse to her too, is this domestic violence? How do I handle it please?


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