According to a certain “concerned Nigerian”, Father Mbaka has once again “seen” another vision for President Buhari, only this time, it is in the form of a dream which he, Mbaka, made public in one of his many live Sunday  programmes in Mbaka’s church. This news was announced after the concerned citizen listened to the broadcast. “Fellow Nigerians,there is a problem, he started…”

According to the fellow, Mbaka claimed that he has a message for ailing President Buhari. He claimed that he had a bad dream about the president this past Thursday, where the president was sick and possibly dead.
Mbaka then traveled to Abuja to see the president and to tell him about this dream, and to also pray for the president, but he (Mbaka) was bared from seeing Buhari by the high handed securities of the Aso Rock villa. This prayer is meant to save Buhari’s life, according to Father Mbaka. But Immediately Mbaka was about leaving, some people came out from Aso Rock after a meeting and said that President Buhari is dead. 
Mbaka also recalled that a similar occurrence took place during the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Mbaka claimed that he had traveled to Abuja to “rescue” Jonathan but was refused access to him.
However, Mbaka also said but there is a solution….according to the concerned Nigerian.
*** Precisely 2 year ago, during the presidential campaigns, Father Mbaka had also predicted that President Buhari  was the savior that Nigerian needed…
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