My name is jennifer.  By my 28th birthday I had never been pregnant.  No matter what I did.  In fact I was so worried I confided in a friend of mine who told me that it’s probably because I hadn’t met the right person. That the right person will get me pregnant but I was still worried and very scared.  What if I couldn’t have children? What if I ended up old and childless and probably divorced because I couldn’t give my husband any children? These thoughts plagued me constantly.

Well, on the 24th of Dec. 2013 I went to port Harcourt for a party.  We were in our final year in school and I was very excited.  After the party, as I walked out of the hotel, I heard a man scream as he chased after me.  He followed me saying, “You’re my wife,  You’re my wife”!  Anyway to cut the long story short. Ben was everything I ever wanted. He was kind and funny and we spent that christmas together. 

At first, I didn’t know he was married but when I eventually found out, I didn’t care because I had come to love him and we were having fun.  I didn’t even notice that my period had ceased.  It had never ceased before.  

By February I was worried.  I told my friend and she got some home test kits for me.  When I saw the pregnancy lines I was shocked beyond words.  With tears running down my eyes I knew I had become a woman. Then my friend said to me. “What are you going to do? Now that you’re sure you’re a woman let’s go to the hospital and remove it. He is married you know” But I knew I had to tell him first. 

Immediately I told him over the phone he started shouting. “Don’t touch my baby. If you touch it, I’ll kill you”  So I kept it and truthfully speaking, Ben changed my life. I went to America to deliver the baby and I have just returned.

But I have a new problem now, his wife is making my life a living hell. My story is on Instagram and some people even call to threaten me. 

Ben is still taking care of us but I am scared for my safety. Please dont judge me too much.  I only did what I had to do.  Am just thinking of the next step to take.  I don’t want her to harm me or my baby.

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  1. Next step ke. Biko stay in it and see it to the end. Fight the wife if you want. Shebi now you don born pikin. Kukuma tell am make he marry you. No run ooh. Stay there and fight it to the end

  2. The great beauty of life is its mystery..Sometimes, we miss the truth when it’s right in front of us.. if the father of the child is not interested in divorcing his wife and you should move on with yours.“Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be you.

  3. It’s funny how an aftermath becomes grieve to some people. At first when you discovered he is married, you didn’t give a damn what was gonna befall you if things go south. I won’t judge you because we all fall victims of some circumstances even when we see the red flag, because we love taking risk, keep the baby and deal with whatever comes thereafter. Your priority now is your child, Ben is -!.

  4. You’re involved with a married man and now you’re pregnant for him you better become a second wife unless you want to be a single mother.The choice is yours sister.

    1. Ben is right. Focus on your child now and move on with your life. If you succeed in pushing out the other wife and marry him you will always wonder if he is cheating on you with another woman. The cane used for the first wife will always be used for the second wife. Good luck.

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