Quite a few people who know me will describe me as a cheerful talkative… but I also write quite a bit.

So here we go … Welcome to my blog everyone 😊

I brag about having an opinion about pretty much everything.

My opinions, wanted or unwanted, have not yet gotten me into any kind of troubles yet so I am still riding on that wave.  I recall I had a blog years ago but got lazy and closed it up.

This one will  be a keeper. I have been approached many times to start blogging, I guess because maybe they think I am talkative…or not? Maybe owing to the account that I have quite a few people on my Facebook posts on a daily basis.
Truth is that I could have done this a long time ago but you all know how life happens. Sometimes it is hard to keep up especially if you also have many unfinished businesses or too many broths all at the same time, which has always been my case.
With this blog, nothing is barred so you are welcome to send in your stories and any other information that my readers may think is worthy to be put out there. Like I said, nothing will be barred so I will try my best to give  stories and contributions  a boost on this platform. I will also update on trends and life events as much as I can.
See you at the top…

daily updates on everything!

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