Hello Chee,

My name is Mike and This is my story.

I met Laura on one of my many trips to Abuja some years ago. She was a student at the time and had come to see me with a mutual friend in my hotel. We had all gone down to the poolside where there was light music and red wine. She loves red wine. So we talked and ended up liking each other so much that we exchanged numbers by the end of the night.

After a while of back and forth with phone calls and all of that, things

became heated. Laura would always come to my hotel straight from school. It was intense.

She was wild, untamed when it came to inmate matters and I liked it.

She would stay until very late sometimes and I would drop her off at her house but through all of this, we had no labels. We weren’t dating. Her bf would call sometimes and I would be quiet and let her talk to him. For me, it was just fun for while I was still in town.

3 years later, I was in Port-Harcourt on business and ran into Laura again. I remember that her family lived there and she had just been in Abuja for school. She was in the company of a really pretty girl. This girl was so pretty, I had to ask “Who’s this fine girl you’re with? You can follow fine girls o Laura”. She replied, “This is my baby sister oo”.

Now I should have just walked away at that point but the years of being a sharp guy wouldn’t let me. So I started a conversation with Linda.

She was NOTHING like Laura! She was smart, held an intelligent convo, laughed with grace and quite honestly, even got my jokes faster or maybe it was just in my head. Anyways, we said our goodbyes and I told Laura I would call her.

About a week later I was driving when I saw a really cute girl somewhere in GRA but I had only seen her back so, I slowed down to see the face (only guys will understand) and behold, it was Linda!I pulled over, picked her up and we got chatty immediately, I dropped her off, took her number and traveled back to Lagos but we kept in touch.

A year ago I was surprised to see a missed call from Linda. I called her back and she told me she was in town and wouldn’t mind seeing me before she left. We met and had drinks and all but as the time passed and more wine bottles were emptied, I started to realize we became less cautious. By this time we were laughing, touching and we decided to dance. That was the deal-breaker! We touched too much, rubbed our lower bodies too much…way too much! We ended up in a hotel room and honestly, it was one of the best nights I have had.

In the morning, she got up, picked up her things and left without waking me up. When I woke up and called, she was already at the airport and on her way back to Port-Harcourt. I felt kinda bad because I knew for certain things would now be awkward between us. Me, Her and Her Sister. What if she told her sister? What if?

4 months ago, she (Linda) sent me a message on whatsapp saying she would be coming to Lagos for a job interview and needed a place to stay. We had been chatting all along and she knew I lived alone. I agreed.

She arrived and at first, we tried to go on like nothing happened…it didn’t last!

One evening, she said she was bored and I tried to play the good host by taking her out – BIG MISTAKE! The first night played all over again! But, even more intense this time.                                                                  In the morning she woke up and made breakfast and all and we just started off like that.

Now the real problem is that, I think I love her. I don’t know if she loves me too but I know I have strong feelings for her. I don’t know if this is something I should pursue considering, me and her sister’s history.

I really need advice!

[Personal details have been altered to protect the identities of the people involved in this story]

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  1. Badoo!! Linda and Laura…. Lol. Guy enjoy yourself and don’t complicate things.

  2. Sharp guy . 2 done fall for u . that one be enjoyment ooo better be open n no who u really love between da 2. .

  3. Wow two of you are weak sister linda is weaker because women are ought to be in charge but linda was a greedy type Mr Oga himself you’re less honourable. Let’s be strong men and women. No be mistake

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