“IPOB Is More Dangerous Than Fulani Herdsmen” – Kemi Olunloyo


Controversial half-baked journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has recovered from her prison sentencing and ill health, it seems. Recall that many people contributed to help her plight when she cried via video for help on social media seeking funds to treat her ill health.

On the video, she explained how she contracted all sorts of diseases and her poor health as a result of being remanded in prison for months with poor treatment.

Well, Kemi has waded into the Fulani Herdsmen ravaging Nigerians the first people she turned against are some of the people who most likely contributed funds to help her; the people of the Igbo extraction of the IPOB group.

According to what she said, Fulani Herdsmen are being targeted and labelled terrorists because of one reason, and that is because Nigeria’s President Buhari’s tribesmen.

Read her tweet below;

1. To say Nigerian #Fulanis are a violent group is an exaggeration. The Fulanis have been quietly grazing and herding the beef most of u gulp at your #owambe events. The root of the ongoing problem goes deeper than ethnicity. #hnnact

2. #Fulani herdsmen are being targeted as terrorists because of one single reason. The president is from that ethnic tribe. If u don’t like @MBuhari, then vote him out instead of accusing him of not controlling a whole tribe. Can Osinbajo control all the #yoruba people? #hnnact

3. Stop castigating the #Nigerian#Fulanis. I will never be afraid of NOBODY in #Nigeria. The #IPOB boys were more dangerous looking for mayhem. Many were my errand boys at #PHMax & told me #NnamdiKanu even told them to RAPE women and cause ethnic mayhem. Not all Igbos are IPOB.

4. Why are Nigerians not castigating #yoruba leaders over #Badoo shrines and South-South chieftains over #Rivers#CrossRivers cultists and kidnappers. Almost every Yoruba idiot I’ve met since I came home never heard of Don Waney. Tribal ignorance is so bad in Nigeria #hnnact

5. Don Waney is dead, Evans is alive. Clearly our police is not working hard is everyone’s mentality. We actually need Evans alive as he has information that could squash other kidnap kingpins in the making. Wake up Nigeria! No woman talks the truth like me. #hnnact

'IPOB boys were more dangerous than Fulani herdsmen' - Kemi Olunloyo lailasnews 1'IPOB boys were more dangerous than Fulani herdsmen' - Kemi Olunloyo lailasnews 2


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