Hello Chee,
My name is John. I’m 24 years old and I live in Lagos, Nigeria.
Me and my girlfriend have been together for like 3 yrs now but before we started out she had given me some terms and condition stating out that there would be no sex and I accepted because I loved her unconditionally and I was ready to do anything for her, she then accepted to date me.
Along the line she came out with another thing that her sister doesn’t approve of the relationship and we successfully fought that out until she gave her a go ahead.
Most times I do the calling but I think she sees me like we’re just pals and as if the relationship is just this peer things that goes around,even for like two years now she hasn’t said “John I love you” and all, she isn’t romantic as a lady should be, I do not know if she is faking it at all.
Its been up to a week now since I purposely stopped calling to see if she would call but she hasn’t, even when she wants to hear from me she would flash me, and I do send her airtime when she asks.
so I really don’t know what is her problem or what next I should do.


Please post this so i can get advice on what to do, I’m so confused.


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3 thoughts on “IS SHE PLAYING ME?”

  1. Your story is heart wrenching and I can relate
    I will advise you get her sitting and talk things over, she might not have that romantic qualities which you can also help her build it. Not all girls can be that way you know. Just get talking with her, tell her your perils and walk things out, if she doesn’t change thereafter. Walk bro! Good luck
    My 2kobo

  2. She doesn’t love you yet that way and may not. Don’t keep waiting. find someone who will love and appreciate you. The problems with emotions is that you can’t force it if its not there.

  3. Bro stop waiting on love that never exist. Move on .

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