The following is a paid advert.
Have you visited: … it’s Polish affiliate ?
If not, then this is the right time to do so.
The  websites are created for the purpose of

encouraging and promoting international transactions. It is an avenue to get people in Nigeria to start using these websites for buying and selling purposes.
Items are posted FREE (with pictures) on these websites and the owner’s task is to make sure your “For sale” items go viral so that customers will start looking for your items posted on the website.
Incentives include:
A free promo for whoever posts up to 20 to 50  items. 
A reward of N2,000 – N5000  for your services.
The owner’s  dream is to get all Nigerians to start using this website for free and for the purpose of marketing and selling their goods to any part of the world. But best of all, it is owned and managed by a Nigerian.
Like I said,  everything is free.All you have to do is:
1. Simply snap your products
2. Put up a description of products
3. Upload the pictures!
Happy selling…
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