My angst with the Nigerian woman.

I have noticed a trend on almighty Facebook. I don’t know if this is a reality in their real lives or just a Facebook fronting. So here goes…
The Nigerian women are constantly crying about their men being abusive… and cheating… BUT when a woman has a case or raises a cry for help concerning these issues, the same group of women jump in to criticize the woman or to defend the men who they have been crying about🤔🤔🤔


They are also the first to try to join the “men gang” and shame the so called “bitter feminists”…even though feminism in the true sense and meaning, is an idea/cause that targets ensuring equal treatments and opportunities for the womenfolks. I get it that some women misunderstands the true concept of feminism, BUT the bashing from these angles, instead of gentle love and redirection is appalling!
I have noticed it especially with the single and “indirectly” searching females of Nigeria.
Now there is nothing wrong with searching but… d.a.y.u.m!
So my questions are…
* How does one even begin to take sides with you “women” when the “said” men you secretely cry abt hurt you, but you come in public to do eye service?
* Is this MAYBE for “possible” love hook-ups and a “possible” marriage opportunity?
Is there something that I am not getting here cos I am confused!
Per chance you make your stand and stop fighting your fellow women over such issues that affect you all adversely, the chances of getting a good Nigerian man who knows your worth and where you stand on those issues still abound… so I don’t get this compromise of conscience.
Many are inbox crying, many are hurt or have been hurt by their boyfriend’s, fiances, ex’es, etc, etc,. But when they make posts to criticize women in similar situations, it is like they suddenly suffer from some form of amnesia and have accepted to be toyed with by the men…but then again, they continue to cry inbox.
What is una problem really?
You all think marriage is all that “sweet” all the time that you are willing to play to the gallery?
Women, you hate yourselves shaa…but most especially, these special Nigerian breeds.
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