Every time I see the remarkable landmarks of #Tesla I am further convinced that Nigeria will be so doomed in the next 10 years, our recession will be televised on 3D!
We started television broadcast in Ibadan, but South Africa went digital before us. 
We built a National Theatre before Dubai became a place. They have an Opera House now that is booked till July 2018. 
We had Ogbe Hard Court, a tennis tournament in the 70s, yet, we do not have a Nigerian Open. 
Lagos is blessed with water, yet no international boat races. 
We have festivals that are still in the same style they were celebrated 100 years ago. 
We still have one bridge linking the East- Onitsha Bridge. It was built in 1965.
We have abandoned projects scattered across the country. 

We have no plans to complete them. 
The NET building and Defense Headquarters… side by side are rotting in our time. 
National Theatre. National stadium. National Refineries.National Seaports. National Museum. National shame!
So, #Tesla is making cars that run on batteries and self generated energy…

 The cars are now outselling petrol and diesel driven cars. 

So, in a few years from now our oil will be like the Coal in Enugu. Even people who roast boli don’t buy coal from Enugu. 
Very soon NNPC will be like NIPOST. 

When was the last time you sent a Telegram? 

Renewed your post office box? 
When was the last time you used the Railways to move around Nigeria? Meanwhile, it would have been easy to drive your car on to a railway coach, use it in Lagos or Abuja put it back on the coach and pick it when you get back to Aba. Nooooo. That is not development. Give it 10 years. Most parts of the world will scrap filling stations for recharge stations. Where you can quickly recharge your car and it will carry you for 4 more days. 
When did you last call NITEL that your phone was tossed?
We go drink our crude oil soon! 
Instead of us to develop Entertainment, Tourism, Agriculture, Education, information Technology, broadcasting, Fashion and culture. We are drilling for crude oil.
Dubai has extra revenue sources now and plans to not depend on oil by 2020. That’s in 3 years. We are not sure we can stop borrowing in 30 years. 

Religion is fast rising than development. 

#wakethemup# ”
This got me thinking 

Pls read objectively

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