40-Year-Old Security Guard Who Is Also A Pastor On N25,000 Salary Steals N24.4m Out Of N130 Million Then Threatened His Boss With Whistle-Blowing
Pastor serving as security guard steals his boss’ N24.4m, threatens him with whistle-blowing .

40-year-old Alfred Andrew, a Bauchi State indigene, has been arrested for stealing from his boss, a businessman and resident of Gwarimpa Housing Estate, FCT, Abuja, Benedict Emmanuel.

Andrew, who studied Mass Communication and Information Technology, went from joblessness to enrolling in an evangelical school, through which he became a pastor. Yet, he said he needed more out of life. .

He moved to Abuja where he took up a security guard job on a N25,000 salary in 2014. But three years down the line he stumbled on some money inside his boss’s house. He said, “That day, I was sweeping when I saw a key on the floor. .

I tried it on the padlock on my boss’ apartment and it opened. I went inside the house and was searching through his belongings and found currencies from different countries. They were so much. That was the first time I would see so much dollars.”

According to him, for over a month after he started stealing out of the currencies, his boss did not notice. He said he noticed that each time his boss travelled out, he came back with more foreign currencies. .

When Andrew’s boss, Emmanuel, first noticed that a huge part of his cash was gone, he became suspicious of Andrew who was using an iPhone 7 cell phone even though his salary was just N25,000. .

When his room was searched, expensive designer clothes were found there. N24m was also found in his account. He then took the police to an apartment that he rented, where expensive phones were recovered from his girlfriend. .

Andrew said, “I told my oga I would implicate him by reporting him to EFCC. He said he had been good to me, but I told him his wife had not given me food over the last 3 years. Even when I was employed, I was told my salary would be increased every 4 months. .

I was told I would also be fed but that promise was not kept. My boss said the money was not his.” Andrew said he knew that what he did was wrong but that anytime he asked his boss for money, he always told him he had no money. The police have said the suspect would be charged to court soon.

Source: Punchng

Photo Credit: Itb9ja

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