Some aggrieved Nigerian soldiers, on Sunday, May 7, held hostage the deputy governor of Borno state Usman Durkwa at a military checkpoint in Yobe state. The incident occurred at Buni Gari town in Gujiba local government area of Yobe just as Durkwa was returning from Adamawa state. The Borno deputy governor had been to that state to attend the turbaning ceremony of his Adamawa counterpart Martins Babale that took place in Ganye local government area. 

It was gathered that Durkwa’s convoy reportedly ran into a military checkpoint but on seeing no soldier in sight tried to go through when the soldiers appeared. 

According to the report, a policeman attached to the deputy governor’s office who had tried to remove the barricade on the road was manhandled by the soldiers. One of the soldiers reportedly hit the policeman on the head with his gun. Attempts by some security personnel in the deputy governor’s convoy to explain to the soldiers why the barricade was moved angered the soldiers the more and aggravated the situation. Eventually, Durkwa came down from his vehicle to speak with the soldiers who refused to accord him the respect due his position. A source said: “The soldiers took positions from different directions, aiming at the convoy, with the threat to open fire. 

A source said the situation was only brought under control by senior Army officers.

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