Growing up as a child, I was involved in lots of bible competitions in the Sunday school department of an Anglican Church in Lagos, Nigeria. Competitions ranging from “Draw your Sword” to recitation of memory verses and even bible quiz competitions. In one of such competitions, I remember being asked the shortest verse in the bible which I answered, John 11:35. That verse simply reads “Jesus Wept”.

As short as that phrase is, it had no meaning to me. I simply had it as head knowledge. Many years down the line, that verse started to reveal its true meaning with the unfolding realities of life. I started asking questions. I strongly wondered how and why the icon of salvation preached in churches, shed tears. I was bewildered by the fact that a spirit being cried simply because He shared in the taste of humanity temporarily. Above all, I realize that the anointed also cry.

There are many reasons people cry. People cry out of pain, anguish, disappointment, betrayal, regret, bad news, love and family related matters, heart break and many other unimaginable reasons. A good friend once said that “thank god we do not look like what you have been through”.

Life is full of situations, circumstances, and of course a way of dishing out painful uncertainties to everyone in different measures. Sometimes, the people we envy because we think they live the good life, have real challenges. Even the pastors whom we think have it all rosy, have reasons to shed secret tears. When everything goes sour, remember that the anointed one also cried. Do not laugh at anyone who is going through a dark night for everyone’s day certainly comes.

When faced with life’s challenges, we need to always remember that people throw stones at a tree only because the tree bears fruit. I like to think that great destinies birth great trials and tribulations. Little wonder Jesus said that “in the world, you would find tribulations but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”. It is okay to cry, it is okay to grief, it is even okay to worry sometimes, but man must work hard not to lose focus in those trying times. Man must try not to be an object of pity because in the words of Evangelist Ogochukwu, “When people pity you, they leave you in the same pit”. Let nothing sway our resolve to succeed because there is always that day when efforts are remembered for good and the labourer ears his wages.

If the son of God cried, then there is no guarantee that the roads would be smooth. The only assurance is that we would arrive at our destination. I was inspired by the story of a man of God in Nigeria who had a wedding set back after printing invitation cards and inviting lots of dignitaries from various locations around the globe. He did not understand how and why the lady changed her mind and retained that resolve up till two days to the occasion. It was as if the world had ended for the man. He came out stronger and today the story is different. Married to an amazing woman with a beautiful child. If it would be worth it, it would not be easy, if it is easy then it may not be worth it. In all, we should make an effort to remember that the anointed also cry.

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