It is another 1st of May, Workers Day celebration. One of the few internationally acknowledged and celebrated public holidays.

The May Day celebration has its origin in the Chicago incidence of 1886 where four workers were shot dead by law enforcement agents during a peaceful protest against long hours of work. The workers demanded 8 (eight) hours of work daily.

Today, it has become just history because all over the world it is a norm to work within that range daily.

The foremost Brigadier General J. I James (rtd) had this to say about work “in the rigors of the mind and hand, great things are established, great cities are built and reality is established from great dreams”.

The import of the above is that work (hard work I must add) is key to unlocking whatever doors there are. A popular saying goes thus “God is hardworking and so is the devil”. This means that religion or option of worship is not the determining factor or basis for being hardworking as either side require it.

On 4th may 2013, one of Nigeria’s governors, Rauf Aregbesola, had this to say on May Day celebration “…Without workers, there can be no government. Whilst it is possible in an efficient and well primed system to have the government function without political functionaries, it is inconceivable that government can function without workers. Indeed, workers are the greatest asset of any people…

The immediate past president of the United States, Barrack Obama, in his May Day speech of 2010, said thus “…. it is the great American working class that made America the envy of the world…. It was working men who made the 20th century ‘The American Century’…. It was the greatest generation that built America into the greatest force of prosperity and freedom that the world has ever known

The importance of work cannot be overemphasized. The herculean task of nation building lies not only in the thinking of great minds but in the workings of great hands. Work until your dreams become reality, work till your signature becomes an autograph. Great and admired countries are built strongly on the values of hard work and responsibility. On a lighter note, one should rather die working than to live lazy.

Today, we remember those whose health have failed while contributing their quota to a better system, we remember those who have also paid the ultimate price while working; military and civilians alike. As we continue this sojourn to a better world, a world of total egalitarianism and shared prosperity, our resolve should be the same; with hard work, we shall build the city of our dreams. No financial wage is equal and adequate enough to have us live in a world we built with our hands.

Happy Labour Day to workers all over the world from all of us at

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