Nigerians woke up to the news of the emergence of  39-year-old Emmanuel Macron as the President- elect of France.  He will be the youngest President  in the history of France to be sworn-in.

Without too much fuss, let’s come down to Nigerian politics. How many youths do we have in power? How many youths are willing to leave thuggery and become something better and bigger? We have recorded time without number, youths doing the ‘dirty job’ for the older politicians , (who should have retired from politics anyway) and at the end of the day, they get paid peanuts (for those of them who are fortunate enough to survive).

With the role Nigerian youths played in actualizing the victory of the All progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 election, expectations were that one or two youths would make the cabinet of the president but that has not happened yet. At the inception of the current administration, Nigeria  ended up with the same “geriatrics” sworn in as ministers, vested with powers to make far reaching decisions that affect the youths of the country. For how long  will this continue?

Macron not only declared interest to run, but he also formed his own political movement called “En Marche!” which means “Forward”! Macron described this movement as being post-partisan, combining elements both of the left and of the right.

When will the youths cease from singing praises for old politicians and take such bold steps?

It is a sad reality that the same old faces keep coming back into power with same old ideas and ideology. Someone please tell them that things have changed and they should upgrade in order to move the country forward while they are still in power.

Nigerian youths, it is time for us to stop dreaming (according to the Bible; that’s a job for old men) and start working hard towards getting a youth as the Nigerian President in 2019.

If you are still dreaming, then you must be sleeping. Wake up! The vision is clear, and the clock is ticking. Today is the Tomorrow we were told of, so let’s  make an effort to actualize the vision of producing the youngest president in the history of this country come 2019.

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