This have been my observation over the years. It is difficult to say why it is like that but then, studies have shown that emotional issues often take a complex turn and it is somewhat inexplicable. Love can make a warrior become a weakling. It can also send a highly placed independent and self-sufficient woman on her kneels for strange men.

Robert Mugabe one quizzed the fact that love can make a woman glued to a man who can offer her practically nothing. I have often queried how a beautiful union which begins many a time with a spark of attraction, turns so sour that two people who once meant the world to each other, can all of a sudden not stand each other’s sight anymore.

The point in this piece is how much adults cannot seem to solve their problems but jump in and out of relationships in search of succor.

You date this one guy then you make out with him which by the way, is really not a big deal in this present world. After sometime you have an argument and instead of solving it, you send the dude that’s been disturbing you on whatsapp a text to ease your pain. He makes you smile once and you start planning on dating him. He plays his cards right and you get him laid. The very same guy pisses you off, instead of sorting out your issues you call the guy you friend zoned to ease your pain. He also puts a smile on your face and you get him laid. This cycle continues because you think you are too beautiful to beg a man. Same thing applies to men. The cycle is endless. Two can play the cheating game.

No wonder an average young person have had numerous body counts. Do not mean to judge anyone as we are all guilty, I just think that relationships seem to have lost its meaning. We cannot seem to face the challenges that come with relationships and marriages and we always want the easy way out when shit gets real. Relationships are no soap operas where everything is lovey dovey everyday single day. When it gets tough, resolve it. Instead of looking for the next available person.

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